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We provide a network of relationally connected pastors to give churches the tools they need to grow. We have a heart for ministry, a knack for offering a fresh perspective and solving problems at the root. We are excited to help pastors reach their fullest potential through resources, strategic planning, and coaching.

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What We Offer

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What Others Are Saying

TFAC has been a reliable voice of wisdom and guidance in my life and ministry over the years. That was no less the case in 2020 as the global pandemic thrust unprecedented circumstances upon the Church. TFAC saw the unique problems we were all facing and quickly brought pastors together on monthly Zoom meetings to find solutions and support one another. At a moment when many were lost and confused, TFAC stepped up in a huge way! Thank you for leading well.

TFAC has been a lifeline for me through the most difficult year of ministry I’ve ever gone through. My coaching group has become my band of brothers that I can lean on and be completely vulnerable with. It’s the kind of relationships that every pastor needs but may not know how to find. I am also grateful for the accessibility of the coaches and staff. I never feel alone in ministry because of my relationships in TFAC.

This past year has been a rocky road for senior pastors as we led through this storm. Being a part of TFAC has been a huge help to me and to the health and growth of our church. Knowing at any turn I could pick the phone up and reach out (which I did many times) was a such a crucial resource. I’m so thankful God placed TFAC in our path, it’s all about the capital C church!

We have been so blessed to be a part of the TFAC family for 20 years now. They have been a tremendous blessing to us and our church in relationships and resources. They provided us sound wisdom and counsel to help us navigate through the pandemic and shutdown during 2020. We look forward to our continued relationship with TFAC.

TFAC has been a tremendous benefit to us as pastors and to our ministry. With this being our first full year as pastors, the insight, wisdom and resources provided by TFAC have helped us sustain through our transition of leadership while enduring a pandemic. Also, TFAC pools together it’s network of its pastors to provide key information regarding church and government matters. We have been welcomed with open arms and there is always someone available if we have questions or need help. TFAC isn’t just an organization, it’s a family.

2020 had the potential to be catastrophic for The Way Bible Church but having the help of other pastors and a solid network to come to for coaching, brainstorming and fellowship was a game changer. Our monthly Coaching Groups, Leadership University, and Sr. Pastor Roundtables were invaluable last year. The mentoring, development and the assurance of knowing that we are not alone gave me the encouragement to lead our church and give wise counsel to other pastors in our region who do not have the benefits of TFAC.

Ministry Spotlight

The Way Bible Church

Sulphur Springs, TX

The Way Bible Church is driven by a passion for the presence of God; expressed through sound biblical teaching, with balanced healthy ministry. They are committed to providing strong, stable leadership for family and the community. TWBC is a place for you to find and experience life change.

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