Joel Tiemeyer

Lead Pastor
The Way Bible Church
Sulphur Springs, Texas

As a young 20-year-old, Joel had great aspirations of an entrepreneur and becoming very successful as a business leader. Then it happened, the “but God” moment.” God spoke very clearly and said “Joel, I’ll take you anywhere in the world you want to go if you’ll preach my Gospel.” Three weeks later, The Way Bible Church was planted. But the church had no name, no belongings, no seasoned pastor, it was just a seed of faith. For three years TWBC met in a run-down hotel conference room. Membership grew to about 100 people over the next three years. We built the building we are now in and attendance has grown to over 1300 in our 2019 Easter Attendance. The dream is not a Mega-Church, but it is Mega-People with a heart for the Kingdom.